Chained to the mirrC.Love artist picorball, Mrs C.Love is a voluntary slave to slow motion mixes and hidden sounds. By adding a lot of spooky effects and delays to the stems of go nogo’s “Good Morning”, she creates a mysterious and eerie vibe. Her rendition of the song is a bat cave reprise of the original and a perfect circle to the E.P. Whereas others let the sunshine in, C.Love stresses the dark side of the tune and buries the romantic feel six feet under. Her dungeon is a gloomy place you like to visit for the sake of shivers down your spine.

After having played as a drummer for obscure bands in the mountains of California, C.Love recently moved to electronics and Paris. She teamed up with DJane Mrs Blythe and together performs as “les petits sauvages” at many international gigs. If you want further infos, dates and sound of that lady, please check out