Chris Yardley and Steve ‘Tabro’ Taylor – Two old friends from Coventry UK with common interests and a passion for music got together in 2009 to make dancefloor orientated tracks. Strong influences from both sides of the partnership stem from techno, deep house, disco, slo mo…and a long history of residencies around their hometown has given them a good knowledge of how and what gets a crowd going!
They are currently running a party called ‘The Gong’ in Coventry which represents underground music across the board. Besides, they’ve dedicated the most chilled remix of go nogo’s “Good Morning” (EDR 03, released via finetunes on the 27th of July). Tabro & Yardley are pushing the envelope by leaning on the dubaliscious remix vigour of Kruder + Dorfmeister. The vibe is red, warm, deep and relaxed, the sort of cosy athmosphere you want to enjoy forever. Listening to this Tabro & Yardley remix is like floating on air. Inhale, exhale and puff out some smoke while you make yourself comfortable to a very „Good Morning“, indeed.