The first Emerald & Doreen release of 2013 will hit all digital stores in March. “Sad” by go nogo is by no means a heavyhearted affair, but a hymnal shoegazerish anthem that crosses territories of experimental Indie stuff and broken beat electronica. Imagine Radiohead and Foals in an XX-Mood. The four track E.P. is loaded with remixes from the top drawer of electronic music: Acid Washed (Recordmakers) deliver a psychedelic trip you can dance to. They maintain the original flow, thus adding a solid groove to the dreamy but sinister vibe. Woolfy (Dfa/Permanent Vacation) yields a tasty club sandwich that bounces off the Indie-Disco-floor. Finally, Kaito (Kompakt) will deliver his rendition in the days ahead, so we can still be surprised what he will have in store – whatever it may be, it can only be a winner. There’ll be more news about the release very soon!