There was a name on Fred Scholl’s wish list that even Santa Claus could not bring in for a remix: Acid Washed belonged to his favourite electronic music acts as soon as their debut hit 2010. Acid Washed bridge the gap between timeless Detroit/Chicago House, NYs Dfa stylistics and the infamous term French Touch of the 90s era… So, this is pretty much classy music as a reference point here. Moreover, remixing artists like Scratch Massive (feat. Jimmy Somerville), Yusek or Arnaud Rebotini proved them to be among those people who have enough understanding and love for the original to make it work in the context of their own musical style. Luckily, they really liked the original of go nogo’s “Sad” which bears no reference to the afore-mentioned artits, but enough musicality to challenge Richard D’alpert and Andrew Claristidge into creating a wonderful version that stands out in the world of Indietronics. Here is their psychic sidekick for a track that can’t be decribed other than mesmerising. On every major digital platform on the 16th of March, after a week delay from the innitial release date!