Happy “Sad” news for Emerald & Doreen Recordings: The single release of go nogo’s upcoming E.P. is due to Saturday, March the 16th. Next to the original, there are stunning remixes from Woolfy, Acid Washed and Kaito (picture). There’s an instrumental version of Kaito’s remix which will be featured on our Compilation “Emerald Dreams II”, upcoming May this year. Marked by the artist’s signature sounds, “Sad” turns into a lucid Techno track for afterhours: deep, brooding and full of fuzzy echoes. There’s even more reason to be excited. Photographer and visual artist Nica Junker has cut a video for the original version. She captured the melancholic mood of the track by travelling through endless fields of snow in a dream-like sequence. Watch the shoegazer hymn and say good-bye to wintertime.