Emerald Dreams I ArtworkIf there’s one concept behind the new compilation-series “Emerald Dreams”, it is “freedom of choice”. The common denominator of all the 13 tracks involved is “musical globalisation”. It is the new expression of genre-bending, a line followed by compilers go nogo, freewheeling artists themselves. As they gaily mash dub, disco, house or broken beats into their Indie-styled music, they pick tracks from different musical areas with the same ease. The result is something they call “Dazzling Sounds for Daydreams” – a  triology which will be unleashed in a short sequence of time. For George Lucas’ days are over, Part I will be released on April 12th followed by Pt. II & III, each about one month later. Together with the single tracks, there’s a daring mix included that sports quotes from Hollywood-sized artists… we don’t mention names, but they propably are on your list of dead-cool celebs.

Nevermind, the true celebs on Part One are:

1. MIND FAIR & 21st CENTURY FOX – Serious Love

2. ESTATE – Profit Margin (Original Version)

3. DUCK HOUSE – Cut The Line


5. STARION – Mothership (Deep Space Mix)

6. INIGO VONTIER – Soy Electrónico (Original Mix)


8. INVERSE KINEMATICS – Colours Theory

9. LIFE & LIMB – Cage seeks bird (Polpette Remix)

10. EVIL ZED – Maybe

11. HER.HOT.ROBOT – Guardian Wings

12. YINYUES – Call Out My Name ft Nori

13. KEENHOUSE – The Lullaby Of Keenhouse