It’s been about only one month ago that go nogo’s first label compilation hit the digital stores and there’s already a successor  in “Emerald Dreams II”. The concept of mixing various styles beyond recognition has been maintained, but this time, the grab bag contains much more club-goodies for the DJ-affiliated crowd. Just after the ideal opening with Her.Hot.Robot‘s overtly melancholic song “FadedBlue”, the compilers themselves shift gear with Kaito‘s pacemaker version of “Sad”, go nogo’s latest single. This instrumental is a compilation exclusive. Thomas Barfod treated his last year’s hit “Till We Die” to the label, also in a non-released “Voxels Remix”-version which is a killer take for House-piano lovers.7mirror is a new label-act which wil see a E.P. release later this year. Olavi Foldi is hooked on ultra-deep minimal dub techno. “Pyramid Noise” has an echo chamber where even Ramses would love to dwell in – a truly majestic cushion of delayed and filtered sounds. Evil Zed has already left an impressive mark with “Maybe” on ED I. With “Down” the don of broken beats delivers an even more sinister low-end beast. Mr.3‘s contribution “Carnis” is by all means suggestive – the sexual thrust is palpable with each hiss. Always tongue-in-cheek and always a bit eccentric… tight as your pants! The slowed-down House hitter “Follow Me” by Moon bears a paranoid feeling you get when thinking about the luninary is following you at night. In contrast The Lonely Smoker’s “The Bay” is chilled-out soulfood for hot summer days on the beach- a taste of his Emerald and Doreen release “Magical Ocean” which is no more than just one month ahead. Charles Bordeaux is a truly gifted songwriter who will also showcase an E.P. with the label this year. His “Black Hole Girl” sounds as if he’s been around your house for ages. With every high note he hits, the man from Long Island embraces his listeners like a good old friend. Hailie Wallas’ “Away” takes it back to an oldschooly Hip Hop Vibe from da banks of da Seine. That French girl has the brazen-faced language to make Uffie get pale.There’s a warm breeze coming from the bay area in the guise of Mute Empire. L.A. based Jack Ramos is the master of dreamy, chilled-out electronica. “Comatose Surface” combines sweet, bell-like lullabies with accelerated broken beats. As the swingy ride-cymbal provides a jazzy backdrop, Yoshiyuki Ota sticks to a meditative and repetitive pattern that could easily be tagged as Chill-House. With “Easy Flight” the sun rises in the east. LowSky means heavy weather. There’s a black cloud zooming in and all of a sudden “Midnight Rain” is falling down to earth. No better than a track called “Dreaming” could fit the second part of Emerald Dreams. Svndaze reverberates the dazzling light that shines into your eyes just after waking up in the morning. Sleepy, drowsy and sort of narcotic you get up and spill the milk. Though it means the end of this bewitching compilation it is not a bad start for your next daydreaming. “Emerald Dreams” is out on May, 17th and available via every major digital store like i-tunes, Beatport,