HOUSE music. A vast universe. We added a new galaxy today. A galaxy with seven star systems. One for the original and six for the remixes.

The original track by Belgian duo Vijay and Sofia Zlatko is an energy-laden dancefloor filler. “Move it” is kind of the follow up to their amazingly popular Daft Punk remix that got almost 100.000 plays in one month.


The Pat Lezizmo and Future Feelings remixes are definitely candidates to fill Ibiza floors this summer. The twoK (mysterious co-production by two German house producers) and Florian Paetzold remixes set a great stylish mood for early evenings just during and after sunset. Chris Yardley adds some severe Acid-touch to it and Paul Anthonee‘s NuDisco interpretation together make this definitely our most energetic release up to date.


Here is some DJ feedback, please note that every single remix was favorited at least once – thanks for your support, buddies!

Ben Mono: Digging move it (original), nice one

Alexander Robotnick: I like twok rmx

Miguel Garji ( Paul Anthonee, twoK and original 4 me. Gracias

Paulie: Love all the tracks on this package!

Das Schoene Leben: Pat Lezizmo Dance Like In ’91 Remix!! support

Sare Havlicek: Hey guys! twoK remix is my favourite. Simple and groovy.

German (Como las Grecas): Excellent original mix….great remixes pack, Future Feelings favourite!!!! Amazing Chris Yardley …

Acid Washed: good as always!

Jowie Schulner: Nice package :) Paul Anthonee Remix. Thanks :)

Jerome Bazzanella: Chris Yardley mix is cool. Will try it out!!!

Marius Vareid: twoK, Chris Yardley and Paul Anthonee remixes for me

Roi (disko selectors): Nice original track & great Future Feelings remix

gennaro.alandj: Future Feelings!!! – very best

Gregorio (Irregular Disco Workers): Pat Lezizmo now what the 90′s was! Cool also the chicago bumper by Future Feelings!

Furniture Crew ( The original is really good !! Also like the Pat Lezizmo and twoK Remix !! Nice warm tracks…supported!

Dan Martin ( !!!! Perfect EP !!!! Awesome, one of the best deep sound that I received this year. Like all the versions, will play them on my next shows.

And here you can buy it: