Julia Schiller and Oliver Schneider, the folks behind ACMV, curated the projection programme “Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography” at the recent Belfast Photo Festival 2013 which took place in the Crescent Arts Centre. Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} is an online magazine for photography and music from Berlin, Germany. Julia Schiller and Oliver Schneider (the man behind some of E&Ds cover artwork), founding editors of ACMV have been invited to the Belfast Photo Festival to present a projection programme focusing on the theme of Spectacle in Photography.

Visual artists and musicians share nowadays a common problem – how to get recognized among so many great art that can be found online. ACMV wants to help people passionate for photography or music to be successful with what they do. ACMV’s slideshow features photographers who interrogate the status quo of our world and have chosen to be personal but not voyeuristic, to be strange but focussing on similarities and to use photography to tell something about their world and their way of thinking.

Actual Colors May Vary: “Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography”, Belfast Photo Festival 2013 from Oliver Schneider on Vimeo.

The projection shows the work of 37 emerging photographers from around the world accompanied by selected electronic music by Emerald & Doreen`s Evil Zed with “Down” as featured in our Emerald Dreams Vol.2 as well as Post-Dubstep/Downtempo-artists Kelpe, Noyce, Monto and Project:Mooncircle’s Daisuke Tanabe and Darius Vaikas plus an additional track by the turkish 60ties-psychedelic band Bunalim (Guerssen Records). You can listen to all here.