If you haven’t heard about our compilation-series “Emerald Dreams”, it’s about time to make you acquainted with the most delightful mix of chilled elctronica, tripped-out dreampop and retrofuturistic disco tunes. 21st of June is the day for Part III to be released and it is a perfect timing for the holiday-season. The hassle-free sound sets your mind at ease, takes you on a journey like only an eclectic mix of that sort can provide. Picture yourself driving in a car on some outlandish desert road with a magic radio constantly switching through the most amazing channels… Again, this part introduces some artists who will be showcased via a seperate E.P. upcoming in the very near future on E&D recordings. In the meantime, you can pick your king among the 16 tracks assembled by Eric Schemer and mixed by Fred Scholl. Here are the candidates: Barclay Heights, Nathan Swiss, Holobeams, James Bond Motherfucker, Helveticade, Glimmer, Mute Empire, Seazo, Keenhouse, Quality Cinema, Zauberfluten, Flashboy, Cute Heels, Imprintafter, Vampire Village, Korrosion. Get your copy via every major digital platform, iTunes or Beatport or Juno.