Cover "Drug Flower"Emerald & Doreen Records is very touched.


By the sounds of SVNDAZE. To be able to put a great EP by a very talented, very young person to your test, too. The “Drug Flower” EP spreads its petals across the seven seas. Hear the beginning of the title track, think of grass harps of the digital age, explore further the smoothness of this boom-bap-beat, and be snoopy. Then go on for a listen to the liquid rhodes sounds of “Trips”, learn that the person behind this Himalaya of a synthesizer arrangement is exactly seventeen years old, and you will want to hear more.


Want to really hear more? Well, SVNDAZE is Corey Miller. SVNDAZE rather prefers living in the remoteness of Colorado Springs, Colorado. His bass lines get deep, as you will be pleased to hear further by a track called “Four”. And then, well, he’s really into vibes, as the fourth and last track of his debut EP “Drug Flower” shows by its touching chords. “Missing You” is the track. And that’s why you won’t believe the very secret information on SVNDAZE:  he began producing music 8 months ago. That’s eight, if you prefer words. You’d go for music better, and for “Drug Flower” best.