Ricardo Medina a.k.a The Lonely Smoker from Mexico does everything to avoid loneliness by dropping some very fine tunes via Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Talking about his style, he is the master of understatement; the three originals which comprise the “Magical Ocean”-E.P. (EDR 018) are reduced to the max. Ultra deep baselines, sultry keylayers, sparse midetempo grooves and snippets from soulful singers make up a formula which works for sunny vibes. It’s the ideal soundtrack for sundowners or afterhours spent on the beach. As we’ve always liked the idea to give you a wide range of remixes with every release, there are no less than six versions of “Away From Me” and “When The Last Time”. Vijay and Sofia Zlatko take the latter to the soulful House floor by pumping up the leisurely composed vibe with a solid bassline and a fine re-arrangement of the original vocal line. Kid Baba‘s “Feel It Remix” of the first original is devoid of frills and furbelows. It centers around a chopped phrase which makes you “feel the funk” circle around your head until you’re mad. Cravero‘s approach to “When The Last Time” comes rather brooding and mystical than sun-drenched. The slamming beat sort of stresses the fact that this is serious House business and no more easy-going chill-out moods. go nogo have have been to the gym to deliver a garage workout which has recently has witnessed a revival not only in the U.K. The aim was to satisfy those who rather want to feel a syncopated swing to the beat next to a rich body of harmonies. Again the remix of Dixfisical points into a completely different direction as there’s some synth sounds which hit you back to the 80s. Not to get it wrong, this very lush arrangement is not completely nostalgic but very “nu” in terms of disco vocabular. 7mirror which will see the release of his very own E.P. just next week brands “Away From Me” with his typical dubbed out techno trademark. Doing so, he renders a rather delirious and flirring version, like having spent a bit too much time in the blistering sun – hypnotising like a mirage.

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