In this double A-side single “Rotation/Live and Let Die”, Emerald & Doreen Recordings delivers what Pop Lifer describes as “The loveliest, most seductive dreampop since Engineers… with a more eclectic, fluid musical approach”. This new release combines stunning hypnotic vocals, lush electronica and blissful resonant soundscapes. In ‘Rotation’, this occurs on waves of bombastic synths, and on “Live and Let Die”, epic guitar riffs lace with magnetic drumbeats, with striking parallels to Stereolab, Curve, Lush and Broadcast.

These 2 tracks lovingly embed themselves in your brain. This single is a teaser for several Ummagma releases on Emerald & Doreen forthcoming in 2014. Ummagma are a rare commodity in today’s music scene: deliciously diverse, dreamy, and loaded with positivity. Blending their love of synthpop, alternative rock and electronica, they’ve managed to create their own extraordinary brand of “dreamgaze” power pop.

Since exploding onto the underground music scene in 2012 with 2 colorful eclectic LPs (Antigravity & Ummagma), this Canadian-Ukrainian duo has been making definite waves: winning the 2013 Alternative Eurovision hosted by Britain’s Amazing Radio, picking up 2 awards at the 2013 Australian Independent Music Video Awards (including best pop international video), and catching the attention of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins/ Violet Indiana), who has remixed a track for their forthcoming LP. Their emergent rise has also landed Ummagma a full-page feature in Rolling Stone Russia (and 270+ other press features).

Selected artists / press feedback:

“Engaging, creative, progressive. Ummagma have broken out with another fresh set of soundscapes that’s sweet as candy to our ears.” ~ Greg Wilson, DKFM Radio

“With sheets of buzzing synth that seem to overlap each other and a sturdy beat, Rotation sounds pretty darn huge, a bit like Cocteau Twins after six months in the gym… A commanding wall of sound. The vocals here work brilliantly.” ~ Sounds XP

“The surf rock strains of classic Pixies with a deeply embedded Kim Deal lilt.” ~ The Sound of Confusion

“I know it’s very obvious to say but a track like Rotation would have fit perfectly on 4AD, if only Ivo Watts would have kept the real spirit of his label alive, if you know what I mean.” ~ Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine

“‘Rotation blends pitch bending synths and distorted guitars with poppy hooks!” ~ Sounds Better With Reverb

“This is a band whose songs are always so precise and on point that even before listening, I know its going to be good.” ~ Dingus on Music

“Rotation fires waves of dark synth over a breakbeat pulse, whilst Live & Let Die explores the DIY discord of skewed shoegaze… championing two of Ummagma’s finest moments to date.” ~ Nugazer Blog

“The more I listen to Ummagma, the more I love them. They’ve turned Alanis Morissette (when she was cool and turning out emotion-laced tracks with funky riffs) on her head, taking the listener back to young adulthood, a carefree time of wandering, learning, enjoying life…” ~ Nicole Kubin, What’s On Kyiv

“A palette of hypnotic rhythmic intensity… waves of visceral synths, and armies of fuzzed guitars… these two tracks prove to be extremely addictive and demand repeat listening.” ~ Aural Delights

“Tasty, dreamy clever pop music with some elements of electronic skostirring.” ~ Aslaug Odette, AnaMe Blogg

“Their addictively hypnotic “dreamgaze” sound combines elements of a few different genres including electronic, synth pop, and rock.” ~ The Indie Mine

“This definitely delivers something like a “noisy Stereolab” sound.” ~ EGO Magazine

“Smashing Pumpkins meets The Naked And Famous. Fascinating voice.” ~ After Hours Radio

“Rotation is drenched in electronics and Live and Let Die comes close to the post-rock of the Thrushes.” ~ Here Comes The Flood

“Rotation leaves a footprint reminiscent of Curve, while Live and Let Die is more like the most complex sound of bands like Stereolab and Free Design. Both fantastic dream songs.” ~ Pequenos Classicos Perdidos

“Rotation is a hypnotic track… McLarnon’s voice soaks through cutting synth and guitar… evolves into a huge wall of sound that keeps building and building until Kretov disassembles it. Live and Let Die is a great shoegaze influenced track, with a lot of distortion on the instrumentation and reverb laced vocals.”~ The Revue

“A storm of lush sounds and effects, pushing the listener into a journey of beautiful noisy dream. Rotation soaks into your ears and makes you ponder thought while being intoxicated by dancey beats. Live And Let Die is a wonderfully bright example of shoegaze with vocals like soft rain drops, and windy guitar distortion and drums to fill your ears.” ~ Jose Noriega, The Musical Junkie

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More info: You can stream of these tracks from Bandcamp and Soundcloud, as well as the accompanying videos for Rotation and Live and Let Die. Download the album artwork & photos and check out Ummagma’s press kit. Please contact Ummagma directly with any questions, interviews or feature opportunities. This release meets Canadian MAPL content requirements.

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