It’s a very soothing and conciliatory lyrics to a very solemn backdrop. If it wasn’t for another season, we’d say perfect to come down from pre-Christmas tensions. Though written in anticipation of returning to “your hometown and your family”, there sometimes are feelings of unfinished business with your folks. Well, maybe that is the reason why this song has musically more to offer than just one particular mood. It is a rather ambiguous affair, especially when the bell tolls after the second hymnal chorus has died and the string section sets the melodramatic mood full in effect. The dynamic friction comes from Eric’s balearic guitar which is almost in tune with Café del Mar … if wasn’t for the psychedelia involved with this track. Well, it is those two denominators which also characterize the remixes delivered with “Things Ain’t Right”… There is the loungy, laid back groove in The Lonely Smoker‘s Chill Mix, all hands down on the original Rhodes chords, or Mattzid‘s Go Slow Remix which reminds of Stereo Deluxe acts like Jaffa, tailormade for the Slow House-friendly friends. There’s also a great Deep House vibe spun around this accoustic guitar lick from Patrick Talman which portraits the ease-going side of the original. On the other hand, The ∑vil Zed is somewhere in the British Break Beat-tradition, cutting an juggling the vocals, yielding almost an Oldschool Hip Hop vibe. Finally Keenhouse picks the small synth line from the original’s middle section and pitches a quote from Fred to become an arty detail to his string-piano based composition. „Things Ain’t Right“ turns into a track of its own right, thus we renamed it to „Take Off“….