Oh yeah. 2013 is almost over, and even if we worked at an amazing pace in the last weeks and months, we did not forget to compile a decent review on what we have achieved this year. With the Hit Selection Vol.2, we created an audible monument of our artists and remixers, a joyful, mysterious and mind-expanding celebration of all the Emerald & Doreen people, artists whose career lies first of all in doing what they love, who create unique, fresh new music, who break down genre barries, who cooperate worldwide and who really advance music beyond what was known before.

Thanks as well to the amazing Oliver Schneider who created many of the nice cover artworks and also to wonderful Fehmi Baumbach who created the beautiful cover artwork which is available as unique artwork, just contact her through her website. Thanks to all of you for a great year, we look forward to 2014!

Buy it here or here or on iTunes.

Some feedback for the compilation :

Save Havlicek:
A vast collection of good music! My favourites are Statickman – The End Of The Times (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix) – just love the space feel of this cut, Inigo Vontier’s Remix of Kjesus, the feel-good Artenvielfalt Remix of Waste and the mysterious Haioka’s Blowin’ In The Wind Of Love.

Lorenzo al Dino:
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko – Move it (Future Feelings Remix)
greeeeeaaaaaaat package of mixes/remixes. To select only one as the “best” is not possible.

Dead Sea Captains – Kjesus (Copycat Remix)!

Future Feelings:
Statickman – The End Of The Times (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix) – I love the idea

Como Las Grecas Blog:
Great 2013 on Emerald & Doreen……

Rotationz.be / Pedro Mercado
some very nice deep sounds here! my fav is the remix from Vijay & Sofia Zlatko!

Dan Martin
The Lonely Smoker – When The Last Time (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)!

Eduardo del Pozo
Various genres and artists, but nice music on this compilation. Inigo and Statickman remixes are my favorite

Great great compilation, excitingly fresh stuff. 7mirror – Hopenosis (M.O.O.N. Remix)

Leri – Mutant Disco
Statickman – The End Of The Times (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix) is brilliant.

go nogo – Sad (Woolfy Remix) – Very nice selection. Thank you!

Paul Lomax
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko – Move it (Florian Paetzold Remix)