This story is hard to believe, but some say, it might be true: Derrick May, Theo Parrish, Laurent Garnier, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin and Carl Craig were invited by the CIA some years ago to join their CNM (“Create the New Man”) program. Their task: to donate their genomes and collaborate with human and alien scientists to create a clone along their personal “Desire Lines” (name of the EP), a clone made to produce 90s Detroit Techno – perfect 90s Detroit Techno! So in recent years, in one of the secret U.S. underground bases, they worked hard, really hard. But they made it, they succeeded in creating him. Today, he, the clone, is almost a grown-up funky dude, and he is ready to roll. His name is “Tunnelvision”, because Derrick, Theo, Laurent, Juan, Robert, Kenny and Carl suffered from exactly this when combining all their producer and DJ genes into his unique gene-pool and tweaking them for maximal success. Tunnelvision – he is alive, and he IS Detroit Techno. Just listen. The end justifies the means? Ethically definitely a tough one, but we think so. Time for a new kind of man doing the work. All other humans, please focus on partying hard. Exclusively on Emerald & Doreen, the record label for extremely amazing people: Tunnelvision’s EP “Desire Lines”. News Update: Tunnelvision is from Belgium – that’s what they say…

Full support for the clone by Acid Washed, alan dj, Aural Delights, Clive, Conya Records Henri Kohn, Copycat, Dan Martin, German, go nogo, Goute Mes Discques Bastien, Gregorio, Grizzly, Y este fin de que, JOHN NOI, Karim, Karsten John, Kellerkind, Klangschwester, Ladywood Music, Lazy Kiss, Leri, Lewis and His Blog Chris Cappello, Lorenzo al Dino, Mikael Fas, Music Korner Geoff Melton, Campuscrew Passau, Pedro Mercado, Robin (allinelectro), Roi, Sircle, Spirit Catcher, Tim, Tom Leclerc, ZenFM Djonah Laforge!

Selected feedback:
Acid Washed: “KILLER!!!”
Irregular Disco Workers: “Desire Lines has a great late 90′s house feel, Hot Summer Night is really hypnotic! Good Shot!”
Ladywood Music: “These tracks embody android house perfection. Whether Tunnelvision was created in a dirty Belgium basement or in a a CIA laboratory, these boys were onto something wonderful. ‘Desire Lines’ is the perfect EP for this musical monster to bring to life.”
Dan Martin: “absolutly awesome EP ! will play different track on my next deep radio show on Rouge FM”
Lazy Kiss: “deep and clear chilling tunes!”
Lorenzo al Dino: “nice big package of great tracks.. full support , radio and club !”
Kellerkind: “great release!”
Lewis and His Blog / Chris Cappello: “Awesome throwback techno”
Robin / Allinelectro: “A great EP, between House and Techno that will be used in clubs for sure!”
Aural Delights: “Excellent remake of the Detroit Techno Sound”
Souljackerz: “Good package of very current tracks. Some nice chords and vocals in there.”
Campuscrew Passau: “Nice Club Beats! Perfect for a “Hot Summer Night”.”
Klangschwester: “totally fitting my desire lines”
ZenFM: “works for me thx for the great promo! love that wink to the retro sample cheers!”

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