Wow, we are proud of this package here, too. Another extremely enjoyable quality package of House music for the more chilled out hours by the seaside. Emerald & Doreen presents Gunes Ergun’s latest masterpieces, “Turkish Delight”, remixed by Jam Couché, Pat Lezizmo and Rubberlips and the saxy “V.I.P.”, remixed by Felix Jaehn, Souljackerz and Axs. “V.I.P.” is a beaufituk deep house anthem in the style of “Sonnentanz” with an amazing saxophone hookline – this is just a must have for House lovers, especially in the more dancefloor-ish Souljackerz and dreamy Felix Jaehn remixes while the Axs techno version rocks harder.

“Turkish Delight” is an atmospheric oriental house track that hypnotises just like the snake’ charmers flute. Jam Couché adds some serious floating capacity with some balearic tribal elements that keep you dancing all night long, just like the sample says, while Pat Lezizmo lets the good basses roll. Rubberlips creates a dense, soundtrack-ish atmosphere that evokes images of a rough car chase through Istanbul by night which ends in a space ship.

Support by:
Acid Washed, After Hours Radio Ryan James Quinn, alan dj, Aldrin, Alex, Aural Delights/Bob Osbornes Podcasts, BK Duke, Clive, Copycat, Dan Martin, Di FM, DJ Zeyhan, electunes, FFT on Deli Radio Italia Nusa Elettro, German, go nogo, Gregorio, Groundworx, iván, KaRavan Pierre Ravan, Karim, Karsten John, Klangschwester, Kris Santiago (Nu Disco Your Disco), Lazy Kiss,, Paul, rubberlips, Souljackerz, The Musical Junkie Jose Noriega, Tim, Tom Leclerc, ZenFM Djonah Laforge, plus Sven Faith, Riccardo Villadeloslobos, Todd Terrier, Laurent Garyeah ;) and many more

Acid Washed – Turkish Delight (Original Mix)
After Hours Radio Ryan James Quinn – “The horn got me. More modern music needs horns. Samples or otherwise. Good call.”
alan dj – Turkish Delight (Rubberlips Remix)
Aldrin – “Feelin’ Jam Couche’s dark driving groove”
Alex – V.I.P. (Original Mix) “If the vibe you want is chill out then this sets it perfectly.”
Aural Delights – Turkish Delight (Original Mix) – “Smooth, cool and sexy”
BK Duke – V.I.P. (Souljackerz Remix) – “will play it in my radio show on”
Clive / electronic rumors – Sweet! Turkish Delight (Pat Lezizmo Remix)
Copycat – V.I.P. (Felix Jaehn Remix) – “The Felix Jaehn defo got me trippin’.”
Dan Martin – “Turkish Delight (Original Mix) V.I.P. (Original Mix) (Pat Lezizmo Remix) Are realy awesome ! Big EP like it and wil play some track on a next show”
Di FM – “Nice house here, especiqally the Turkish Delight remixes from Pat and Jam”
DJ Zeyhan – “V.I.P. (Felix Jaehn Remix) is a bomb!”
electunes – Turkish Delight (Jam Couche Remix) – “groovie”
FFT on Deli Radio Italia Nusa Elettro – “good” – V.I.P. (Original Mix)
German Como Las Grecas – “Turkish Delight sound really good, and remixes for this track my favs….” Gunes Ergun
Turkish Delight (Rubberlips Remix)
go nogo – “Very Playful… Although I am not too much into House, this is something I can relate to for all the musicality Gunes displays. Sexy Saxman;-)” Gunes Ergun
V.I.P. (Souljackerz Remix)
Gregorio / Irregular Disco Workers: “Rubberlips Amazing!”
Groundworx – “some really nice work here and good job on the Turkish Delight Remixes will feature on our live shows thanks” Turkish Delight (Original Mix)
iván – Turkish Delight (Original Mix) – “Nice release!!”
Karim – “Pat Lezizmo’s rmx works for me :) )) Full Support !!
Karsten John – “Nice Pat Lezizmo Remix!”
Klangschwester – “delicious turkish delight!” – Turkish Delight (Pat Lezizmo Remix)
Kris Santiago (Nu Disco Your Disco) – “Well-rounded release – An essential for all club DJs!”
Lazy Kiss – “Great vibe, quality house music!” Turkish Delight (Original Mix) – Turkish Delight (Original Mix) – “Nice Music for the Night!”
Paul / Cosmonauts – “Solid release !”V.I.P. (Souljackerz Remix)
rubberlips – “Very good release full support.” V.I.P. (Felix Jaehn Remix)
Souljackerz – overall a great EP! V.I.P. (Souljackerz Remix)
Tom Leclerc – “Jam Couche mix for me”
ZenFM Djonah Laforge – pat lezizmo remix works for me thx for the track! nice ep”

And a nice review by The Musical Junkie Jose Noriega:
“Gunes Ergun’s “Turkish Delight” is a steam filled car ride along the pacific coastline during the early am hours. The beats stink of alcohol and
cigarette from a long night at a club. The synths are sinister and mystery as the beautiful stranger sitting beside you in the vehicle. The saxophone
adds a retro eighties sound and lets the balance of all the instruments. “V.I.P.” has a smooth current of samples and swaying keys. It’s unstoppable. It
shares the same qualities as the previous track. It’s a bit more upbeat and it will intoxicate your body like a drug that hits you by surprise. These two
songs feel like they’ve originate in eighties dance records and been rearranged until they took a life of their own.”

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