Double release day! Get ready for a classy package of cosmic disco and 8-bit indiedance! Out now are two essential EPs: Rubberlips – The Traveller Remixes and Sonus – Refrigerator.

Rubberlips is a tightly-knit collective of musicians from West Yorkshire in the north of England. At the helm is Robert Burbidge, a session trumpeter of many years whose musical talents and unique network of local artists, musicians and producers has over-seen the Rubberlips collective emerge as one of the brightest talents on the UK’s electronic music scene.
Rubberlips “The Traveller” in the “Twisted Tongue Remix” is a laid-back and funky sunset disco groove with uplifting strings, the kind of music you want to listen to to let your mind drift away for a few minutes. Ilya Santana delivers a cosmic beach club and mind travel anthem, Plastique de Rêve adds the “let’s get the party started” feel with some more driving synths, and then, Jonty Rose turns “The Traveller” into a hypnotic cosmic disco masterpiece, the right soundtrack for travelling into space. What a ride! Cosmic Disco at its best. And a beautiful hand-made cover sleeve artwork by German artist Fehmi Baumbach.

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Kyle is quite a usual guy. Or so it seems. He loves skateboarding and playing guitar. In Melbourne, Australia. So, besides an unusually great place to live, is there any need to envy this bloke? Unfortunately, there is. Cause Kyle is not only Kyle, for when criss-crossing his computer, he turns into Sonus. And this superhero of an electronic music producer just gave us this tune. „Refrigerator“! Good thing is, the title is as easy to remember than the hookline, a transparent, well-and-open-minded 8-bit sunrise feel good tune in the vein of MGMT. Superhit! With this white dancing rabbit of a tune as well as the deeper minimal house track “Late Night” (Ibiza!), Sonus sheds more than enough of light into these dark, dark days of european winter. So do the remixes, manufactured by Felipe Sa (cosmic!), Lazy Kiss (Funkytown!), Airsouth (Cote D’Azur meets Paris!) and Yoshiyuki Ota (old skool mind machine!).

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Selected feedback:

“Plastique De Reve remix is killer!!!” Acid Washed

“Oh hell yes. From the first note. Rubberlips, I’m pleased to meet you.” After Hours Radio Ryan James Quinn – (Twisted Tongue Remix)

“Stunning stuff – love the disco vibe of Rubberlips and the otherwordly groove of Sonus” Aural Delights/Bob Osborne

“Another Monster” Clive (Electronic Rumors) – Rubberlips – The Traveller (Ilya Santana Mind Travel Remix)

“”Very nice release. Especially diggin’ Lazy Kiss’ remix. Also a very weak spot for the rather sexy Twisted Tongue one… extra plus as well to Ilya’s cosmic journey!” A Copycat

“Nice release” Das Schoene Leben – Rubberlips – The Traveller (Jonty Rose Remix)

“Nice package… support from Irregular Disco Workers! :) ” Rubberlips The Traveller (Jonty Rose Remix)

“Great pack, Love the remixes of Twisted Tongue, Ilya, Jonty Rose & Felipe Sa” Roi / Disco Selectors

“Great” FFT on Deli Radio Italia Nusa Elettro Sonus – Refrigerator (Felipe Sa Remix)

“Twisted Tongue Remix is my fave for listening qualities…Ilya I like as well, nice chilled atmo. Sonus: I like the Felipe Sa approach a lot…. That guy is a good musician/producer and has something different in his bag- always!” go nogo

“Really digging the mellow vibes that “The Traveller” is spreading – Wonderful remix by the Twisted Tongue!” Kris Santiago (Nu Disco Your Disco)

“Love Twisted tongue, Ilya Santana & Plastique de Reve remixes. Thanks.” Leri (Mutant Disco)

“”Love the remixes on the Rubberlips single. They will definitely find their way into P.O.S DJ sets!” Philosophy of Sound

“That’s a pretty huge Ilya Santana remix you’ve got there. The Jonty Rose remix is really cool, too.” Q-Burns Abstract Message

“Sonus has turned the computer into an instrument. His sounds are memorable and will take hold of your mind and body. “Late Night” is the perfect soundtrack to a night of partying and bad mistakes.” The Musical Junkie Jose Noriega

“I’m loving the Rubberlips release. The Ilya Santana and Twisted Tongue remixes are insanely great.” Stereo77

“jonty rose and plastique de reve for me” Tronik Youth

“Really love that Twisted Tongue remix!! great stuff! ! Tunnelvision

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