go nogoFred Scholl and Eric release a beast of seductive powers. They christianed their recent track “And The Devil Too” and it is very likely to hear them worship demonic forces. Rumour has it that Eric was taught how to play guitar by the prince of darkness himself, like many other disciples before him. We can’t explain the grasping force he strikes with his mighty opening statement and the cutting edge that he displays as a rhythm king other than by witchcraft. Fred Scholl who penned the tale of humanity falling prey to false idols and erroneous beliefs was immediately mesmerized when he recieved the layout his mate dropped by his doormat. He built the whole song around multiple guitar tracks just like in a frenzy. What you hear is a dark and brooding verse that builds up to an ecstatic and almost joyful chorus which seems like a neverending climax in the second half of the track. You can now catch this wicked tune plus 3 remixes by A Copycat, David Bucka and Dead Sea Captains and a cover version by Klangschwester via Emerald and Doreen – but beware, the versions are no less seductive than the original.

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