Emerald & Doreen Records gets in a boom bap state of mind.

Nikita Solomon is a young HipHop producer from Ekaterinburg, Russia. In his „Future“ EP, his first for Emerald & Doreen Records, this Nikita Soul shows the will to get the body out on the floor. While the brain remains in another world, that is.

The title track les inside a music box cabinet, full of antique dreams and kicking beats. In the following, Sunfresh opens up to a lighter playful vibe. Processed koto sounds, sampled voices add up to an optimistic kick. A saxophone takes the lead for From One Life To Another, a tense interlude of foamy keys and some sharp scratches. Finally, bonus track Life Instincts is populated by a constant chirping, as if all the machines of the world are mumbling in their dreams. Least to say, the „Future“ EP by Nikita Soul adds up to a music landscape full of imagination.

No wonder then the remixers do their best to keep quality up: Ullapul turns „Future“ to an elegy in minor key, while the Dead Sea Captains speed it all up to some electro disco party heyday. Fluss gets totally slow and intimate, while Atabey transfers Future into his own world, the outer-world with its endless echoing and deepness.

Selected feedback:
ZenFM Djonah Laforge: Nikita Soul – Conqer (Original Mix) nikita soul future! original mix! a pearl, ideal for starters! thx
Raised by Gypsies Joshua Macala: Nikita Soul – Future (Dead Sea Captains Remix)
Mikael Fas: Nikita Soul – Future (Fluss Remix) excellent work!
Klangschwester: Nikita Soul – Future (Ullapul Remix) catching sounds seem to come from far away going directly under my skin.
Aural Delights/Bob Osborne’s Podcasts: Nikita Soul – Sunfresh (Original Mix) Impressive retro feel to the Ota tracks and love he eastern vibe of the Nikita Soul tracks – both will be featured on my Room on the Floor Podcast – http://bobosbornespodcasts.wordpress.com/

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