Buffablog.com stated a „highly earpleasing outcome“. That was the last time. Last time Charles Bordeaux put out his Fables EP, this New York-State resident shocked musiclovers around the world with his lush and groovy candies. Now, the hit on Fables gets its well-deserved special treatment: Blood Pacts, now being resurrected by its second name Weeds.

In there, a farmer meets a man who offers him land. The Farmer takes on more than he can handle, and buys unfarmable land, wasting money & time. Oh, would he rather appreciate what he already has! The drama of will and loss is told in the Bordeaux way, by means of an ultimately happy psychedelic soul music: heavenly choirs, chilled out beats.

Emerald & Doreen-artist Copycat cuts a jacking bassline to the original and takes it to the freaky funky disco floors. Tronik Youth select icy bleeps and e-drums to let the piece jump up on high plateau soles. Chromatic Dream let a sub-bass wander through their majestic landscape, all shook in slow motion. Finally, Deluce re-invents Weeds as a powered-up electro funk fantasy with massive claps. A well-deserved bouquet of interpretations of a stunning piece of music.

Support by Acid Washed, alan dj, Aperigrapto Zoundszx Dmitris Trox, Aural Delights Bob Osborne, Clive / Electronic Rumours, CurlyMusicBlog, DJ Zeyhan, Electro Boogie Encounter, German / Disko Selectors, Gregorio / Irregular Disco Workers, Ivan Munoz (Y Este Fin De Que), Jerry, Jonty Rose, KaRavan Pierre Ravan, Karim, Karsten John, Lazy Kiss, Roi / Disko Selectors, Souljackerz, Tim (bln.fm)

Here is some selected press & artists feedback:
Acid Washed – “nice!” – Chromatic Dream Rmx
Bob Osborne – “Some excellent remix work here which build on the original tune and take it to some very interesting sonic places…..the Copycat and OMFG Zombies
especially are very inventive”
Clive – Electronic Rumours – “Loads of cool remixes!” – Tronik Youth Dub Mix
CurlyMusicBlog – Great EP! – A Copycat Remix
German / Como Las Grecas – “Amazing remixes… great great release”
Jonty Rose – “Really nice, particularly like the Tronik Youth Dub, but also CopyCat and the Deluce mix sound great”
Karim – “Nice release, ‘Copycat, Tronik Youth & Deluce’ rmx are my favorites :)
Karsten John – “Lovely original! Very nice kinda indie electronics – i like it.”
Roi / Disko Selectors – “nice one. love Tronik Youth and Mikael Fas remixes”

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