On the trail of their double A-side single Rotation, released in December, dreampop shoegaze stars Ummagma celebrate their ethereal Stereolab-MBV-spirited uber-song ‘Lama’ with a mind-expanding package of eclectic remixes by an international roster of producers and artists, most of whom you might not directly connect to genres like noise rock or dreampop. Apart from their own Ukrainian and Canadian footings, this Ummagma LP is a uniting force of sonic satellites with creations from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and Russia.

This is exactly the point we usually drive home at Emerald & Doreen: bringing great new artists together in new ways to create art capable of transforming deep feelings and emotions into sounds and music. In this release, all remixers have contributed their own wavelengths and energy to create new versions of this great song.

The outcome is proof that beauty is found in diversity. Italy’s original electro new wave pioneer Alexander Robotnick sways with a spaced out, chilled dream pop version. Irregular Disco Workers add some severe 80s mood and 90s acid feel. Copycat fuses a Moroder-esque synth disco arpeggio with My Bloody Valentine-style vocals and guitars to ingeniously please indie and disco lovers at the same time! Theatre of Delays delivers a heartbreaking emo house version that brings you into the fifth dimension. Label-makers go nogo turn Lama into a Stereolab-esque breakbeat beauty with Notwist-like sounds and 90s indie guitars. Mind Movies turn ‘Lama’ into a flipping, winding mechanical world of breakbeat, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Sounds of Sputnik add a 70s psychedelic edge to it, infusing this track with electro wonder. The feeling you get from listening to all these versions is similar to an overwhelmingly awesome ride!

Selected artists / press feedback:

“Lama is definitely a highlight from the pair’s sizeable catalogue, blending electronic and organic textures together without resorting to a particularly lo-fi sound… Lama simply shines. The Cocteau Twins comparison has become par for the course, although Ummagma do have a beefier sound that gives this song its extra power. In that respect, both Stereolab and MBV have been rightly mentioned as well.” ~ Sounds XP

“The indiepop/nugaze duo Ummagma has a release that’s nothing short of fantastic… This latest LP brings to the forefront a spangled roster of producers and artists from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and Russia. Many of them are not directly connected to genres like dreampop, shoegaze or noise rock, launching Ummagma into new beautiful territory.” ~ Soul1, The Sound of Confusion

“How could you not dig a band as eclectic yet balanced as this – everything in its right place and in so many places. With some friendly help of reputable remixers from a half-dozen or so different countries, Ummagma has been thrust into new territory, trekking new ground in electronic, disco, freestyle, indie dance, electro, nu disco, IDM, and even left-field style. We cannot declare an absolute favourite on this album – in fact, they are all fantastic re-creations.” ~ Deadly Music

“We’ve be lucky enough to snag the first remix off the EP. The track is called ‘Lama’ and it comes to us from a dreampop shoegaze duo called Ummagma. Ummagma’s vocalist, Shauna McLarnon, has an absolutely ethereal voice that is only amplified by the far reaching synths that Theatre Of Delay’s applies to the track.” ~ The New Lofi

“Ummagma’s Lama is the perfect mix between otherwordly sounds and beauty. Alexx and Shauna have a knack for transforming distorted ambient tones into something that is soft and soothingly peaceful.” ~ Ian Bronte (Agte Mulder), Lazer Guided Melodies Podcast

“To summarise the music of Ummagma, is guitars crashing into electrified beats to create a lovely sound, which suits Shauna McLarnon’s soft vocal style.” ~ Clown Magazine

‘Lama’ is another big step into the music wilderness, as Ummagma don’t restrict themselves by creating music without boundaries. The LP is an interesting and bold release from the duo… This exactly what you expect from Ummagma, the unexpected. It drifts from side to side the vocals float like a feather over the driving guitar in the background.” ~ Words for Music

“We had the pleasure of listening to this LP and recommend buying it. In addition to recognising the classic talent characterising UMMAGMA, we also appreciate how other artists see this composition from their own unique musical perspectives.” ~ Ozivit Music

“Ever since the last year, I’ve been listening to this excellent shoegaze band called Ummagma, and I felt like I was in love with Ummagma’s music.” ~ Matt Catling, The Reverb Radio Show

“Apart from being in love with the original mix and enjoying every other remix here, I’m giving the Mind Movies remix a double thumbs up for it is a brilliantly whacky left-field maze of surprising finds. Nice rework. Truth be told, I find something remarkable and impressively different in each one of these remixes. What a wonderful team you’ve amassed here for Ummagma.” ~ WayOutWest, The Sound of Confusion

“Due to the great respect for the original, it is really hard not to pick that version, but Theatre of Delays is the one that stands out for me – well, next to our own version, which is still quintessentially a unique approach, not relying on a housy beat.” ~ go nogo

“What a fine lineup of remixers! Great stuff overall.” ~ Simon Iddol

“Excellent band, wonderful remixes…..very enjoyable.” ~ Bob Osbourne, Aural Delights

“Robotnick, Copycat, IDW, go nogo are my favs…. great collection of remixes” ~ German / Como Las Grecas Blog

“A Quality release hard to pick a favourite one all great.” ~ Rubberlips

“Theatre Of Delays is always KILLA!!!” ~ Acid Washed

“Intense and richly layered, McLarnon’s delicate airy voice floats above Kretov’s mesmerizing soundscapes of guitar, synths, beats, effects and resonance, the lyrics ever optimistic. Described by Rolling Stone as a “full kaleidoscope of sounds”, Ummagma is intricate bliss, where not one colour seems out of place.” ~ Music News Nashville

Lama video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCu21gaOHt8
Soundcloud preview https://soundcloud.com/ummagma/sets/ummagma-lama-lp
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