Emerald & Doreen Records sail the hippie hippie sea trail.

He looks like the ominous producer he is. Blond-bearded, a woolen hat on his head, dark sunglasses. He’s from an unnamed region somewhere in or at the North Sea. Yet the „Clock Systems“ EP by Emerald & Doreen newby Headpocket sounds very, very unmystical.

„Stone With A Hole“ airs a cool summer breeze on bongos and orange layers of sunshine. „Alabaster“ kicks in as wise as a 1990′s IDM-track, just to rearrange into an Eden of Roland drum machines. „Monkey Radio“ sees the return of echo house, while the title track „Clock Systems“ uses some human voices and heavy kick drums for a European take on organ house.

Bill Shakes gives „Alabaster“a treat by interpreting it as an x-file while Solid District turns “Stone with a Hole” cosmic. Finally, Tunnelvision sails „Monkey Radio“ away on a stoic 4-to-da-floor-monster bass wave plus soundscapes from air to sea and back again. Score.

Support from:

Acid Washed, alan dj, Aldrin, Aural Delights/Bob Osborne, Auxiliary tha Masterfader, Bert, Central Rodeo, cole medina, Electro Boogie Encounter, Fernando Mendoza, Gameboyz, Gianluca, Gregorio / Irregular Disco Workers, Jerry Bouthier, John Ugalde, Jovani (Club Radio Show), KaRavan Pierre Ravan, Karim, Karsten John, Kellerkind (Marco Biagini), Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio, Lorenzo al Dino, mail@radio-rum.de, Malibee (NDYD), Mikael Fas, Miss Mee, REPUBLIC 100.3 FM (GREECE), Sare Havlicek, Simon Iddol, The Beat Broker, Tim Thaler / bln.fm, Tronik Youth, Tunnelvision, Zauberfluten – Jarle Brathen, ZenFM Djonah Laforge

That’s what they say:

Auxiliary tha Masterfader – “Great release. Monkey Radio is favorite.”

Central Rodeo – “for us! Headpocket – Stone With A Hole (Solid District Remix) Great tune will play for sure ! CR”

Fernando Mendoza – “What a great futuristic track !” – Headpocket – Clock Systems (Original Mix)

Gameboyz – Best: Headpocket – Clock Systems (Original Mix)

Greg – “Nice package, full support from Irregular Disco Workers”

Jerry Bouthier – “love the originals, really inspired, Alabaster’s break is sublime (mixtape), Stone with a Hole is proper ecstatic (dj set), well done!” Best: Headpocket – Alabaster (Original Mix)

KaRavan / Pierre Ravan – “Nice Vibe will be testing a few of these out on the rooftop” – Best: Headpocket – Stone With A Hole (Solid District Remix)

Leri Ahel /  Mutant Disco Radio – “Always quality from Headpocket. Hard to pick favorite here.”

Mikael Fas – “Excellent work! ”Stone With A Hole” is amazing!” – Headpocket – Stone With A Hole (Original Mix)

Sare Havlicek – “The jiggly bassline in Alabaster original is what caught my attention. Nice!”

The Beat Broker – “LOVE Stone with a Hole. all the original mixes are really good. nice release!”

Tronik Youth – “like clock system a lot” – Headpocket – Clock Systems (Original Mix)

Zauberfluten – Jarle Brathen – “Strong release! Full support from Norway”

Get it: on iTunes, Beatport, Juno.

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