Emerald & Doreen is thrilled and delighted to announce the debut release of British-American retro-future-pop duo Go Satta.

The tracks on the “double A side” EP are Time To Love & Wanderer.

Recording together for just one year, Detroit-born Moriah Nixon and Londoner Lee Boyd have finally found their musical muse in one another, and are already making waves with their unique sound.

Moriah’s pure pop voice beautifully complements Lee’s groove-heavy cinematic soundscapes.

Combining real instruments with cutting edge electronics, they create a futuristic fusion of disco, electronica, dub, and funk. Always at the heart of their music, however, beats a catchy, concise pop song with lyrics that matter.

The EP will also feature many remixes by name acts, including: A Copycat (re-imagineering Time To Love as a lost Hall & Oates classic. In a good way), Irregular Disco Workers (turning Wanderer & Time To Love into tasty languid, post club come downs), Rubberlips (taking Wanderer to a sublime, brassy new level), David Garcet (turning Time To Love into a mesmerising lock groove dream) , Hidromental (taking Time to Love onto a dance floor way out in cosmic deep space) and Evil Zed (doing the bass thing he is soooo good at).

Support by Acid Washed, alan dj, Aldrin, Clive / Electronic Rumors, cole medina, D’jib, Dan Martin, DJ Zeyhan, Electro Boogie Encounter, Elektromekanik, go nogo, Ibiza Sonica / Igor, Ivan Munoz (Y Este Fin De Que), KaRavan Pierre Ravan, Karsten John, Michael, Pfashion Musique, Philosophy of Sound, REPUBLIC 100.3 FM (GREECE), rosieandsue, Rubberlips, Simon Iddol, Tim Thaler / bln.fm, Zauberfluten – Jarle Brathen

What they say:

rosieandsue – “amazing, wonderful, much more please… about time some great music like this was released… I would buy this in a heartbeat.”

Philosophy of Sound – “A great release! ‘Time To Love’ is such a beautiful song! Love it!”

rubberlips – “Fantastic track, it’s very catchy”

Acid Washed – “Good one. Thanks.”

Aldrin – “Nice laid back grooves from Irregular Disco Workers & A Copycat.”

Elektromekanik – “Very eclectic, i like it!”

go nogo – “So many choices I could make, but I definitely love the Evil Zed best – brings me back to Bugz In The Attic-days. Very Enjoyable release!”

Igor / Ibiza Sonica – “great stuff here”

Find out more:

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