Another Planet on Radio23: “Unlike the majority of hyper-produced club/mood music this is clear, the vocal’s emotion is evident- not messed-up by production techniques, the instrumental support is restrained like talented jazz musicians. A rare find in a very large swamp of sameness.”

Souljackerz: – “Loving this completely. Great thought provoking music. I can’t decide which is the best track as they are all great. Top work. Big things going on here.”

Urban Dictionary lists several definitions for the hip American slang „lynchy“ of which „beyond cool“ is dead on for the music of Lynchy dada. Their first offering on Emerald & Doreen, „Gray“, is chill like a glass of fresh Mojito, contentedly sipped in a cozy place. All oft he four tracks breathe a certain lightness, carried by the lean but sophisticated arrangements of the trio from Lille (F). Analogue synthesizers produce a hovering atmosphere, elevated by delicate and cunning drumpatterns. There’s a cool elegance you get in the music of Sade (without the Latin bit) as well as a melodic sensibility you find in the songbook of AIR (without the fragility). It’s the strong vocal trait of singer Céline which creates a unique universe with the electronic backdrop. The trio has been launched early in 2013 by Guillaume and Vivien and has already gained a proud number of followers. All members have moved to Paris this year aiming to introduce their music to a wider audience but sadly Guillaume recently passed away. Vivien and Céline nevertheless decided to go ahead with the project. This EP is a homage to Guillaume and goes out to everyone who cherishes great poptunes with sensibility.

Support by:

20 Jazz Funk Greats, Acid Washed, alan dj, Another Planet on Radio23, Aural Delights/Bob Osborne, cole medina, Dave’s Lounge / Dave, David Garcet, Deep In Radio, DJ Zeyhan, Fluss, Gregorio / Irregular Disco Workers, Headpocket, Ivan Munoz (Y Este Fin De Que), Karim, Kelton Prima, Campuscrew Passau, Pat Lezizmo, Patrick Bruyndonx, Pfashion Musique, Radio Beatkolektif, REPUBLIC 100.3 FM (GREECE), Rubberlips, Sare Havlicek, Souljackerz, Swann Decamme, The Musical Junkie / Jose Noriega, This Wreckage / Chris Gilliland, Tim Thaler /


Aural Delights/Bob Osborne – “Mean, moody and magnificent” – Best Mix : Lynchy dada – Gray (Original Mix)

David Garcet – “nice, great vocal” Best Mix : Lynchy dada – Gray (Fluss Remix)

Gregorio – “Cool Release, my favourite is Lune!”

Headpocket – “Love the low end on Why do you always stare” – Best Mix : Lynchy dada Why Do You Always Stare At Me (Original Mix)

Ivan Munoz (Y Este Fin De Que) – “Nice!”

Karim – “Lovely release :) Full support !!” – Lynchy dada Gray (Fluss Remix)

Kelton Prima – “Lovely music here.”

Pat Lezizmo – “Nice mellow tracks, I like Lune and most of all teh remix of Fluss, that’s a real nice opener for my next podcast! gracias!”

Sare Havlicek – “Sounding very sweet, beautiful voice, nice vocal phrasing and rhytms!” Lynchy dada – Lune (Original Mix)

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