Emerald & Doreen Records, the world’s most productive digital indie/electronica/deep house/cosmic disco/dub techno-label, celebrates having released 500 tracks and remixes with their “Hit Selection Vol.3″, a not-to be missed pack of aural bliss for international music lovers and sound hipsters, stuffed with future classics from up and coming new artists and some well-known heroes.
Emerald & Doreen’s mantra is a mixture of “we simply love music”, “genres, WTF are genres”, “even the best song can get a remix which is better than the original”, “stardom is dead, baby” and “we don’t have to live in the world’s top places to create and release outstanding music”. So imagine a sound-wise mixture of Ibiza, Berlin, New York, Chicago and London, then you roughly know how Emerald & Doreen sounds. Melancholic songs, dancefloor weapons, seaside chill, aural trips and retro-synth-ish night driving and space flight music – it is all there.
Their essential 3rd compilation features the 23 most successful tracks released in 2014, their 3rd year of existence. The labels eclecticism is perfectly mirrored, it features NuDisco, Deep House, Indie and Electronica tracks (for those who care about genres ;) , made by artists from all over the world: Germany, France, Ukraine/Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Russia, Mexico, Chile and Japan.
“After more than 500 tracks released, even for us it became more and more difficult to keep track of the most outstanding tracks we have released week by week. We never thought that we could release so much so quickly. Thanks again for all the support we get. One thing which is also nice: this selection shows that we really succeeded in releasing at least one remix which is “better” or at least more popular than the original. That’s what we thought when we started the label –why should an amazing songwriter from somewhere on Earth also be an amazing producer? Not very likely. So we are happy to see that co-operations can lead to better results if talented and passionate people work together. We are more than happy to enable all these connections. And please don’t forget, in our case it is even more difficult because we really have great originals all the way through ;) ” say Eric Schemer and Markus Schneider, the main guys behind the label.
Change the soundtrack of your life. Emerald & Doreen Hit Selection Vol.3 is worth to be the new one. And this here is one of the most interesting fusion pop compilations of 2014. OUT SINCE 05 DECEMBER.

Support so far by:
Acid Washed (David & Adrien), alan dj, Angel, Aural Delights – Bob Osborne, Bert, BK Duke, Bobby Starrr / Jack The Box Berlin, Bulbs of Held, Campuscrew Passau, cole medina, Como Las Grecas / Luis, Copycat, Dan Martin, Dan Starie, Das Schoene Leben, Dave\’s Lounge, David Garcet, Deep In Radio, Duncan Gray / Tici Taci, Electronic Rumors (Clive), Extra Music News, Future Bones, Gameboyz, Gemini Bros, Gigantic Club, Headpocket, Ibiza Sonica / Igor, icapaul, Jerry May, JOHN NOI / Style of Sound, John Ugalde, Karim, Larry Tee, Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio, Lorenzo al Dino, Lucie\’s Corner Lucy Fegan, radio-rum.de, Malibee (NDYD), Miguel / Ibiza Global Radio, Minar Records, Mr Lekka, Oliver Orditi, openlab.fm, Paris76, Philippe (Club Bizarre), Philosophy of Sound, REPUBLIC 100.3 FM (GREECE), Shauna (Ummagma), Sounds Behind The Corner Nicola Tenani, Storm FM – Caryl Burke, Susoul, Swann Decamme, TeleportRecords, Tim Thaler / bln.fm, Tom Leclerc, What DJ Feels

Some nice words of support, respect and gratitude ;)

Aural Delights/Bob Osborne – “An excellent selection of material from one of the best labels on the market at the moment” Best: Ummagma – Rotation (Original Mix)

Bobby Starrr / Jack The Box Berlin – loving the Tunnelvision tracks!” Best: Tunnelvision – Goodnight Moon (Statickman Remix)

Bulbs of Held – “brilliant, nice one!” Best: Haioka Rei Row (Original Mix)

Clive: great! – Best: The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes (Jam Couche Remix)

Como Las Grecas / Luis – Many fantastic tracks! – Best: Spirit Animal – Nightmusic (Disko Selectors Remix)

Copycat – “Tasty selection. ;) ” – Best: The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)

Dan Martin – very nice productions will play some tracks on my show – Best: go nogo – Things Ain’t Right (Patrick Talmann Remix)

Dan Starie – “Plastique de Reve, what a cracking track..” – Best: Plastique de Reve – Make Me Feel Right (Central Rodeo Remix)

David Garcet – “really nice compil ;) ” – The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)

Deep In Radio – “Nice package. Good luck on that.” Best – Rubberlips – The Traveller (Ilya Santana Mind Travel Remix)

Gemini Bros – Thanks for all these promos! Play a lot of them for sure!” Best – go nogo – Things Ain’t Right (Patrick Talmann Remix)

Headpocket – “Great compilation with it’s fingers in many musical pies. Favourite pie being Go Nogo – Things ain’t right. Love the uplifting Melancholy vibe. A lot.
Spoilt by the inclusion of that joker Headpocket though. He tried to get off with my girlfriend and he always nicks my lighters.”

JOHN NOI / Style of Sound – “Certainly one of the best compilations of 2014 filled with endless nights of listening!”

Karim – “Nice compilation, Ilya Santana’s ‘Travel’ mix, Statickman’s ‘Goodnight Moon’ rmx & SpAceLex ‘Stay High’ rmx are my favorites:)”

Larry Tee – “love this collection”

Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio – “Some great tracks here. Hard to pick favorite.”

Lorenzo al Dino – “A solid package of great songs and tracks….” – Best : Klangschwester – Recognize Me (Modeplex Remix)

Malibee (NDYD) – “The Disco-/NuDisco-section is really great! Thanks for the promo!” Best – The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)

Miguel / Ibiza Global Radio – “There are a lot of great tracks here. Support, gracias”

Mr Lekka – “Make Me Feel Right(Central Rodeo Remix) works best for me.thanks”

Campuscrew Passau – “Fits perfectly in our mix!” – Best: Ceremony – Birds (Original Mix)

openlab.fm – Best: James Bond Motherfucker – Regime (Original Mix)

Paris76 – “Nice compilation! I also like Lizard eyes (Auxiliary tha Masterfade Remix) Continue the good work guys!!”

Philippe (Club Bizarre) – “great compilation – Best: “Rubberlips – The Traveller (Ilya Santana Mind Travel Remix)”

Philosophy of Sound – “So much great stuff to listen to here. Love the versatility of the label that this compilation demonstrates!”

REPUBLIC 100.3 FM (GREECE) – “great release” Tunnelvision – Desire Lines (Original Mix)

Shauna (Ummagma) – “We are ecstatic to be included in this ‘best of’ compilation and to have worked with so many fantastic remixers through Emerald & Doreen. This
playlist proves that this list of brilliant producers is quite ‘rich’ beyond that. A very gifted bunch. Well done E&D!”

Storm FM – Caryl Burke – The Patrick Talmann remix of ‘Things Ain’t Right’ stands out for us!

Teleport Records – “Some good tunes here, we will try ;) ” – Ummagma – Lama (A Copycat Remix)

Tom Leclerc – “Plastique de Reve and Klangschwester for me”

BUY here on iTunes, Beatport, Juno.