Dixfisical is Mario Viera from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. He loves Cosmic Disco just like we do. This is why Mario’s first track “Nebula” follows Emerald & Doreen’s mantra, the famous Bobby Orlando quote “The bass makes the music”: “Nebula” comes along as a spaced-out cosmic disco beauty with beautiful rolling synth bassline. Next up, “Infinity”, a timid sunset chiller until the fat electro funk bass turns it into a slick groove monster. “Bionic Love” presents pure warm robotic summer beach disco bliss. Bill Shakes speeds up Nebula and adds strobo lights to it, Dalo rather goes for bassline-heavy dub house and Pseudo Me closes this lovely package of island disco with a epic and hypnotic movie score-esque soundtrack with a wonderful set of organic hi hats for the new Miami Vice 2015 series.


Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nebula/id946966637

Selected Feedback:
Acid Washed (David Ducaruge)“ “Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Good stuff.“,”10″”
Ibiza Sonica / Igor“ “Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”supporting at Ibiza Sonica”,”10″
alan dj “Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”GOOOD”,”10″
What DJ Feels “Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Support”,”10″
Larry Tee, Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”love it!”,”9″
Roi / Disko Selectors“,”EDR078″ Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”Great original tracks”,”9″
Lorenzo al Dino, Dixfisical – Bionic Love (Original Mix)”,”great tracks !”,”9″
Mi Rollo Es El Indie Genuine Dao“, Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”Full support”,”9″
discoholycs, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”great!!”,”9″
Aural Delights – Bob Osborne, Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Compelling and hypnotic music – beautifully produced”,”9″
Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Another solid release. Love original versions.”,”8″
KaRavan Pierre Ravan, Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”Groovy ! Thank you”,”8″
Bobby Starrr / Jack The Box Berlin, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Digging ‘Nebula’ and will support the Bill Shakes Remix too ) Thanks!”,”8″
Fernando Mendoza, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Nice futuristic house … Really digging it !”,”8″
Christopher (Shindu), Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Great set of originals! Love Nebula”,”8″
Zauberfluten – Jarle Brathen, “Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Very strong release, more of this!”,”8″
Headpocket, Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Bill Shakes’ angular glacial flypast does it for me. Also Pseudo Me’s end of civilisation looking for a new planet to colonise take strikes a chord.”,”8″
Leftside Wobble, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Nebula is one of those rare tracks that captures the spirit of that classic Cosmic Italo sound but with 21st century finesse.”,”8″
Karim, Dixfisical – Nebula (Dalo Remix)”,”Lovely release, Dalo ‘Nebula’s rmx & Infinity are my favorites :)
Full Support !!”,”8″
Bill Shakes, “Nebula for me, which mix, I couldn’t possibly say.. ,”8″
Ricardo Medina“, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”i like it!”,”8″
Jeffrey Hinton”,Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”great tracks”,”8″
hsf student radio eV, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”really interessting sound, we want to hear more of this music”,”8″
Simon Iddol, Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”nice pack, love the nu disco part”,”7″
Q-Burns Abstract Message, Dixfisical – Nebula (Dalo Remix)”,”That Dalo remix is quite nice … thx.”,”7″
Leo Belicha, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”What a wonderful package for different stages of a great party (night and day shifts). Thank you so much!”,”7″
Jerry Bouthier, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”nebula for me, gripping narco-italo, thx supporting”,”7″
DJ Dax“, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”really liking the original mix of Nebula and i think the Dalo remix will grow on me.”,”7″
Campuscrew Passau, Dixfisical – Bionic Love (Pseudo Me Remix)”,”nice synth track”,”7″
Karsten John, “Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Nice vintage stuff.”,”7″
Mr Lekka, Dixfisical – Nebula (Bill Shakes Remix)”,”Nebula Bill Shakes Remix works for me ,thanks”,”7″
Elektromekanik, Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”Laidback, i like it!”,”7″
Deep In Radio, Dixfisical – Nebula (Original Mix)”,”Cool stuff!”,”7″
Gameboyz, Dixfisical – Infinity (Original Mix)”,”thanks a lot!!! sounds very nice!”,”7″
Lino Rodrigues (Alkalino), “Dixfisical – Nebula (Dalo Remix)”,”I like the Dalo rmx, thks”,”6″