Manchester duo Bardsley and Plack return with another succulent blend of electronica and psychoacoustics. We kick off with the epic ANOVA Exam, a pulsating evolving ecosystem of a track, rich in harmonies and layered instrumentation. Next up, Confused babbles its way into existence, building slowly over a laid-back tempo, and reaching a guitar-overload crescendo of monstrous intent. Ghosts of Rhus starts as a haunting fingerstyle-guitar lullaby before trip-hopping into another dimension of weirdness, with dislocated vocals and strange vibes. Proceedings are closed appropriately with Shutter, a sparse funk-house lament for a wasted life.
Title track ANOVA Exam is featured by two brilliant remixes from Kelton Prima and Haioka ranging from Kelton’s deep melodic post-step to Haioka’s lush & breathtaking, almost experimental trade mark sounds.
Finally the Bulbs’ own rework of ANOVA Exam featuring label mates go nogo’s guitarist Eric pays tribute to the shoegazing wall of sounds that Emerald & Doreen love so much.

Nedry Frames – “love”
Jerry Bouthier – “yeah! guitars! interesting all the way, thx, supporting as ever”
Aural Delights – “Good quality Manchester pop with a liberal dose of electronica – highly recommended”
Ludmilla Cassar – “Cool !”
Pseudo Me – “Real space travelling!”
Storm FM – “Haioka remix for us, will pass on to the DJ SOC Friday Night Takeover! Will support!”
Deep in Radio – “Nice.”
Mikael Fas – “Bulbs of Held – Ghosts of Rhus (Original Mix) Pretty good!”
Beater Radio – “beautiful”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio) – “Kelton Prima remix is great! Thanks.”
Y Este Finde Que – “Cool”
Karim – “Lovely EP, sweet tracks :)
Kelton Prima – “Bulbs of Held have done a really good job on this ep.”