Heavenly harmonies, oceanlike deepness: Franco Buzzoni from Rosario, Argentina has accomplished the sound of nightly pleasures full of innocence by means of his „Elaeagnus EP“ for our wee record label.

The title track takes its time to unfold until sounding like a porpoise trying to giggle. Heavy stomping, yet well-minded and thoroughly jacking, that is. „Blue Dot“ takes an even more decisive step towards partying the whole night through, before „Full House“ takes a break by soulful samples of soulful voices. „Softpad“ is all the music of tiny bells and shiny crystals. „Viburnum Nudum“ unfolds the whiteness of the arctic only to be filled by sheer warmth and a funky drummer’s rhythm. „Repercusión” unfolds a cascade of percussion tools of various shapes, sizes, and sounds: A kind rhythm of the night.

Last but not least, two remixes enrich this EP: Dalo gives „Elaeagnus“ a slice of speed and freshness, while Yoshiyuki Ota takes the piece all apart to rebuild it after his own aesthetics of brickbuilding. The Japanese producer has „Elaeagnus“ see the light of day in form of a jitterbug that follows its own fuzzy logics of rhythm and melody and beauty.

Allen Craig – “I’m really liking Repercussion – nice drums and the stops and starts are fun for the dancefloor!”
Jarle Brathen (Zauberfluten) – “Viburnum Nudum was the one for me!”
Nerdy Frames – “Love it”
Da Well/Gameboyz – “Nice, super house!”
Ludmila Cassar (Reflex)- “Nice”
Mr Lekka – “Cool vibes,thanks”
KaRavan Pierre Ravan – “Great Sound’s, thank you”
Armir Groove – “support”
Igor (Ibiza Sonica)- “great stuff here to be supported at ibiza sonica”
Karim- “Nice release, Smooth & Deep, love it :) Full support !!”
Aural Delights – “Gentle and dreamy sounds make for an excellent listening experience – most enjoyable”
Electro Boogie Encounter – “Softpad (Original Mix) and Full House (Original Mix) are nice”
Jaytor – “Viburnum Nudum & Repercusion for me”
Thorsten- “Erlenbrunn (Traktor Records) : “Good Works:)” Gracias!”
Cosmonauts- “Love the warmth of this whole EP”
Bobby Starrr- “Nice package, Repercussion fits into my bag ;)
Double Yolk Promo- “Really nice stuff here. Will support Considering for HATCHED on DI.fm”
Headpocket- “Great release this one difficult to pick a favourite track. Top work beatmakers!!”
Deep In Radio-”Beautiful package!”
Kelton Prima- “Nice EP containing some very good classical deep tracks”
Sam Gen (Blue Shift)- “Great deep tunes! Will be playing a few of these.”
Owen Ni- “Beautiful release!!!”
Makossa – “solid tracks”
Alan Dj – “okkkkkk”
Beater Radio- “amazing tunes congrats people”
Yoshiyuki Ota- “so cool “Softpad (Original Mix)”! and “Elaeagnus (Dalo Remix)” too!!”
Pseudo Me- “My favourite is “Full House”. TOP Dalo and Yoshiyuki remixes!”
Stephen (Future Bones)- “takes me back….Viburnum Nudum orig mix is the one .”
Clive Lewis- “Nice!”
Daniel D- “Nice deep grooves !”