Emerald & Doreen Records is relaxing like a child. Out of nowhere, or rather somewhere to be accurate to that peculiar sound, the EP called „Will You Miss Me?“ reached our headquarters:

A five-piece-playground that shows you and us that music is at best when it celebrates itself. It all begins with „All I See Is You“, a slice of a certain melancholia that gets you just when you get to know that one wonderful person. It mashes deep house with the cartoon tricks of young Kanye West. In the same vein and also featuring the ethereal vocals of KnowKontrol, „Gifts And Tears“ turns melancholia into sadness by means of a stop-and-go beat and some longing harmonies. „Say You Love Me“ pitches a human voice into thoe heights where the helium balloons are flyin’. „Look Around You“ stays there, varying Noise|in|Dreams’ signature collage techniques by very low frequencies and a surrealistic 2-step beat.

The title track comes at the end, summing it all up with an enthusiastic house organ that has been set to celebrate the democracy of dancin’. Gathering broken beats, playful human voice pitching, the darkness of the UK’s hardcore continuum as well as the easyness of handbag house, Noise|in|Dreams find themselves at the powdered tip of the nose of today’s dance music. Score!
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