Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) just signed with Emerald & Doreen! … no … wait….

Born on 06/06 and fan of the British series “The Prisoner” from which he takes his stage name, Theo Lefebvre is a young singer/songwriter/producer from the south of France. Under the alias „You Are Number Six“ he delivers this 80s/early 90s joyride to us, a new-wave trip through time and space, about love, SF and music, produced with an old CASIO synth, a lot of delays on the guitar, drum-machines and sentimental vocals. What immediately caught our attention was that Lefebvre’s voice sounds so distinct British that from time to time you get the feeling a young Morrissey or Damon Albarn is in the room.
Somehow Lensflares sounds like a hybrid between early, still more stylish , understated Britpop and French 80s new wave.
Palimpsest is an old school yet fresh love song with a perfect mix of quietness and flashy synth bursts. Lens Flares, the key track of the EP, takes his title from a special effect used in 80’s SF movies, boasts with a catchy melody , bright & clear guitars and a solemn melancholic voice, a track reminiscent of some of the finest works by the Smiths or Psychedelic Furs. With „Pressure“ the EP moves on from rock’n roll to Emerald & Doreen’s absolute favorite: Afterparty Dancefloor! This little charming gem of a laconic & flawless pop song is not just a tribute to 80’s teen disco movies (we just say „La Boum“ ), but also, within seconds into the song, sends shivers down the back of everyone who counts „The Pulp“ into the list of the 10 greatest underrated bands on the planet. We don’t know how Theo did it but when we first heard it, we thought Jarvis Cocker just send us his new demo tape:-) What a great track!
„Under The Night Sky“ and „Forever Through Time“ the journey of our little space ship continues, taking us further and further into Lefebvre guitar-laden & synth-heavy electronic cosmos.



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