3MF, aka 3MotherFunkers, or if you prefer just Alex Saat, according to the press kit, is “a well travelled man with a taste for spicy food and great grooves that move the body and the soul”. There are no better words to describe this talented guy. Straight from Mexico 3MF delivers his Emerald & Doreen debut EP “Now”, which by the way will be followed by a second strike a few weeks later.
The title song itself is hauntingly groovy. Both music and lyrics alike are energizing and the message is as simple as true: You only got this one life, go take control and responsibility for it.
The other distinctive track on this album – “Dance Is My Religion” its a 100% energy disco burner, a glimmering disco crystal ball with only one mission: to make you dance and smile.
As usual on Emerald & Doreen, there is a fine selection of equally inspirational yet diverse remixes. mikael fas takes “Now” to the mellow deep zone with pitched down vocals and cool, lascivious synths.
Headpocket’s Dancing Vicar Remix is so beautifully relaxed, it makes you wonder what drink the clergy man is sipping on. Probably a perfectly crafted deep house cocktail with a funky cherry.
Irregular Disco Workers teamed up with Prince (well, sort of:-) giving “Dance Is My Religion” a funky acid makeover, that bass is simply badass!
Our beloved UK pop duo Go Satta’s „sentient fader remix“ (what the hell?) goes James Bond all the way with a lush, more dramatic version of „Now“ that develops into a a wild drum and base show down.
And then there is Italian house wiz Dalo who loops the funky title track into mantra-like prayer with repetitive “don’t you leave it” and tenderly addictive house groove.

So there is one thing to do for you. Plug in, turn the volume up and enjoy take in the definite positive vibes of this wonderful debut release.