From time to time there’s a release, where really there’s not much to say about as the music is made straight for the body. Here we go, Jaytor – Emerald & Doreen’s new kid in the house – from the country of light and sun (Greece) – comes with a top summer banger – just the first in a trilogy of some mad Jaytor deep house summer releases that make your mind go mute and your body move.
To celebrate the track appropriately we threw in an almost endless abundance of enthusiastic remixes, one track for every single summer party night of the week.
Di Rugerio adds a fresh summer breeze to the original while Hot Shakes! delivers the hottest tension building hands-in-the.air burner that will grow on you this summer season – simply „wunderbar“ as we say here. Minas Portokalis and Elias PLM both go for a deep atmospheric interpretation while Muted Minds pump it up with technoid low pitch vocals. The Zacharias Tiempo Remix takes us straight to Rio de Janeiro while PCP adds a catchy synth hookline to the mix.
Exploring the various shapes and colors of contemporary house music for sure this release will make it to this year’s summer dance floors around the world.