Englishman Bill Shakes describes his debut EP on Emerald and Doreen as heavily influenced by the old skool and a misspent youth and yes indeed it is – quite retro to say the least.
Consequently the opening track is called „Skool“ and sets the mood for the release bringing back sweet memories of early 90s stroboscopic dance floors where visibility was low due to real cigarette smoke. You could never be sure if the guy next to you was actually showing off his latest super minimal dance move or actually in a coma.
“Square Pig” is not „square“ at all – flirting with some classic French house influences. “Nouse” is pure energy inserted into human blood vessels, probably not from a Red Bull Vodka but rather from a Cherry Cola (anyone remembering that one? ) and “Junk” is pulsating through the night while the 90s hipsters indicate their excitement with painting imaginary minimalist pictures in the air and subtle finger moves on the dance floor. Anyone feels like smoking a Lucky Strike now?
Rather Nu Skool sound the remixes by Dalo, Headpocket and Hot Shakes! And hell yeah the „Bill Shakes Hot Shakes! remix“ is exactly that: damn hot! Dalo speeds up the rhythm further and complicates matters for the hipsters by making it even more groovy while Headpocket yet again adds his trademark cosmic vibes moving the track to the deep end of the night. Just before you think the night winds down Klangschwester brings it all back and forward to the second half of the 90s just like Peaches was hooking up with Laurent Garnier.