Emerald & Doreen do the Magic Trick

Illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts, Houdini had an endless repertoire including chains & ropes slung from skyscrapers, straitjackets under water, escaping from inside a sealed milk can and so on…

Very much like Houdini with his amazing stunts, Emerald & Doreen is pushing the boundaries (some may say our luck) with their ecelctic repertoire that follows its own logic and even more so with this bold set of remixes. Remixes that take Houdini’s magnificent rock anthem „Secrets’ into an eclectic fusion of Nu Disco, perfect 80s Pop, Killer Dub, Acid House & Electronica.
Houdini, the fresh and upcoming Electronic/Rock four piece from Dublin Ireland, was bold enough to lay their masterpiece into the hands of Emerald and Doreen, knowing very well, that we will push the limits far and beyond. But as always according to our credo: a fanatstic song needs to be celebrated with an equally amazing set of remixes.
The Magicians involed in this frivolous remix stunt include Elektromekanik (the perfect auto scooter track), A Copycat (Disco Dancing on a rope), David Garcet (buried alive and the air gets thin), Statickman (happy straightjacket escape), Irregular Disco Workers (something with a spinning wheel and throwing knives), Haioka (the upside down trick) & Blackmod (overboard box escape from the deepest ocean)