Disco Doubles is the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini.
After releases on Permanent Vacation and Nang Records, they released their fantastic first album on Emerald & Doreen Records, the futuristic German boutique labelamong whose biggest fans is Jerry Bouthier, the world famous Kitsuné DJ and catwalk sound designer of Vivianne Westwood. And they present only killers, no fillers ;) . A supernova of a release.
„Breakthrough feat. G.RIZO“, the opener of the album, will not only please many dancefloors and catwalks, but also every music lover, especially those who are into 80s italo and Felix da Housecat disco-tech. It is the kind of smash hit that can make it into every top 100 chart and even be played on the coolest radio stations on Earth. People will immediately ask themselves, “who sings that?”.  A great underground hit, definitely. And a hit like this needs to be celebrated! Hence we are releasing two equally awesome remix packages of the track. Part II is featuring A Copycat, The Robot Scientists, Statickman, James Rod.To add some spice we also throw in an amazing remix by Mikael Fas for Disco Doubles ‘Together’ (feat Kathy Diamond)