Charles Bordeaux, the man with the sexiest voice in the Emerald & Doreen Universe is back! After his debut EP Fables and the follow up remix album Bloodpacts Remixed which beautifully mixed lofi indie with contemporary disco, now comes Free Of.. Free Of.. is the first release of a two-part EP series describing the past 3 years of the artist’s life in New York in 4 beautiful laid back pieces of music to hum along or even whistle (yes!) along too – rather for the quiet moments than for the big stage. Listen closely, as the devil is in the details.

We are thrilled to have Charles Bordeaux back on board and love each and every one of these 4 precious little twist & turn pop gems.
Shout out to Wits Studio and Aaron Taos for letting Charlie record vocals at their spaces, and DJ AdRed for the finishing touches on Temple.