The funky but melancholic android is back on Emerald & Doreen and delivers a second round of robotic stills. It’s a French robot after all and the influences from famous French fellow natives such as Air & Daft Punk are always present.
„Liars“ draws on key ingredients from French synth-pop and house music such as vocoderized voices and ambient instrumentals but brings them together in its own futuristic logic. As many E&D artists Dilig0 is more of a conceptual artist than a traditional music writer. Tracks quite often miss a clear structure and rather follow artistic intuition rather than conventional wisdom. „Liars“ very much follows this approach. It would make the perfect soundtrack for a little science fiction bistro bar scene in a (French) galaxy near by where androids are sipping on cosmic cocktails served by stylish black & white hipster robots.

The package comes with two beautiful remixes by Alejandro Molinari and Lazy Kiss.