The man who appeared when Detroit disappeared…. just reappeared with his third album.
Time to get ready – for some deep shit. The clone is back on E&D – in full effect. When his first 2 EP releases ‘Desire Lines’ & „Sky Swallower“ appeared on E&D out of nowhere they became instant classics. Belgium-based artist Tunnelvision miraculously managed to re-create the Detroit sound in such an authentic fashion that everyone was convinced the releases were hidden gems from all the way back.
We got feedback from people who were literally in tears that years after the Detroit sound vanished, they were finally able to get a new fix.
Now Belgian Tunnelvision just did it again. With „Nighttime“ he delivers the stylistically perfect definition of old school Detroit Techno and Chicago House, garnished with weird jazzed-out breakbeats, spaced out vocal cuts and minimal funkiness. The collaboration with Yoshiyuki Ota,, another Emerald & Doreen regular has added some additional trance vibes.
There comes another instant classic, get out and – „d—d—d—dance—d—d—d-deep’ and nothing get get that party album started better that Tunnelvision’s Nada Deva „Jungle“ remix.