After a long journey trough an extreme winter ( so that’s where all the snow was going to this year) the Brazilian guys from Lazy Kiss bring you their first release on Emerald and Doreen, making a controversial point about the sound in space theory.
The project is a fusion of electro-funk-italo-house with the main idea to recreate the original references into something new. The duo previously released on Los Grandes, Gazeebo, Disco Volante and Our Nights Recordings.
With ‘Winter in Space“ they are re-defining slow disco even slower, dragging the beats across a low gravity environment (Da Groove). Melodic balearic guitars and dramatic strings are contrasting with sporadic vocoder sets, the perfect scene for a breaking-knees disco dance.
Following the journey we have ‘Skyline’, that takes us up above the edge before falling into the great blackness. Moments of tension marked by the antique synthpop and hypnotic cosmic loops that takes us to the last step of the trip: a pumping bass pushing through the ‘Stellar Lightway’, where distorted space guitars, strings and wobbling lasers lead us towards infinity.

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