Lalita fuses the worlds of house, disco and electronica into an uplifting glittertastic journey that’ll have you humming all the way to your teleportation capsule. The Hindu goddess of bliss – Lalita is playful, beautiful…and irresistible. Consider this a homage to Her – the Divine Feminine, the Goddess – the unstoppable dynamic forces that move throughout the entire universe. If you don’t have a teleportation capsule, hitch a ride on a unicorn – and let the music take you to the realm of the Divine – where the hair of a Goddess forms the sky…where creative bliss fills every atom of everything in existence. Feel the magic. Join Liz Cirelli and her magical musical friends on this journey to bliss. And we made sure there is a star for everybody in this heavenly package: Gramophonedzie, Filou, Haioka, Go Satta, Dim Zach, Owen Ni.