Right-click on the titles to jump to the discogs page where you can get more infos about the songs and buy the vinyl.

31. Camaro’s Gang – Move a little closer

The whole Italo Disco scene was created on kind of a “punk” attitude – if you love it, just do it, no matter how skilled you think you are. Passion counts. From discogs: “A group of friends, including Venise, Barry, and Franco, longed to share their love for italian disco and synth pop with others by setting up a pirate radio station, which they called Superradio. Eventually, those involved began writting their own songs to play on the station, and after attempts to get distributed by record lables failed, the Superradio crew decided it would be best to form Superradio Records. After the initial success of tracks by Sun La Shan and Barry Mason the crew began working on a large unit collaborative project, Camaro’s Gang, which would become the crown jewel of Superradio’s roster”. I especially like the b-side, the “Drive Version”.

32. Moral Support – Living with passion

There is not very much known about this Italo Disco project which was formed by Richard Cranford and Sandro Durante. They released this hymn in 1983 in Canada on Tony Green’s huge underground label TGO, so they might have been based there. I love this track so much for its really good lyrics for an Italo song and the superbe synth bassline. Some say that the often arpeggiated synth basslines are the best ingredient of Italo, btw. ;)

33. Samoa Park – Tubular Affair (& instrumental)

One of the first Italo Disco tracks I ever listened to, back then on the tight-sounding Sennheiser headphones of my local record store – just imagine the huge smile on my face when the synth bassline kicks in around 0:24! What a bomb! This is another italo cover version (of a Mike Oldfield song) which is done quite well, but the instrumental b-side is the real gem here, a heavy-weight slow motion space monster.

34. Den Harrow – Mad desire

The next beautiful song by Den Harrow. He didn’t really sing the songs himself – but he loved to perform and always looked great, in this video like an alien landing in Milano. So cool.

35. Bo Boss – Tequila

From discogs comments, user MeanDumpsterCat – “WARNING: Buying this record may result in the following: uncontrollable dancing, unexplained happiness, severe addiction to the song itself, do not buy without consulting a medical professional. Seriously, this is a killer track!” Nothing to add.

36. Koto – Japanese war game

Alessandro Zanni and Stefano Cundari were the two producers behind the Koto project. They also founded the highly successful and legendary Memory Records label. “Japanese War Game” is a space-synth-like instrumental tune in the vein of the Yellow Magic Orchestra with a heavily sampled synth bassline.

37. Hipnosis – End Title (Blade Runner)

As far as I can remember, Hipnosis – Pulstar was the first (undergroundish) Italo Disco record that really hit the charts big time, back then you could buy the record everywhere, in all stores. The b-side is a remake of the “End Title” track of the famous science-fiction thriller Blade Runner. A must for lovers of synthesizer music.

38. Hipnosis – Pulstar

One of the most outstanding and successful Italo Disco instrumentals. “The Blade Runner track was popularized by Ferenc’s now-classic I-f mix, but for me, Pulstar is the bomb here…immersive, mental trance from 1983, with an overwhelmingly melancholic melody from Vangelis…” Comment from bay on discogs.

39. Hipnosis – Bormaz

Another great B-side from Hipnosis which was recently edited by Todd Terje.

40. Moonbase – Waiting for a train (& instrumental)

A typical Italo Disco slow-motion synth bassline monster cover version of a song by the Australian New Wave band Flash & The Pan, perfect for sunsets and sunrises on all the beautiful beaches of planet Earth.

41. Klein & M.B.O. – More dirty talk

As the orginal “Dirty Talk” was such a huge success, alternate versions and remixes were released which somehow succeeded in making this special tune even more special without ruining it. My favorite version is the “Canadian Connection” with magical overdubbed synths.

42. Ken Laszlo – Hey hey guy (& Dub)

The sound of the summer of 1984. This was a quite successful italo tune in Germany…

43. Chris Luis – The heart of the city

…while this huge and highly energetic track by Chris Luis was only an underground hit…the producers Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi later on became highly successful with the FUN FUN project whose records are highly recommended too, especially “Happy Station” which was a huge it all over the place and therefore is not included in this list officially. One more thing: the Chris Luis track was engineered by Massimo Noé, for me one of the most outstanding Italo Disco producers because of the totally amazing Helen – Witch track.

44. Mauro Micheloni & F.M. Band – I am looking for love

A typical Italo Disco gem, just listen to this twisted synth bassline, genius!

45. Sphinx – Collision

This is a highly influential Italo Disco instrumental from 1982, a total classic. We used to listen to this on our ghettoblaster during warm up for our basketball matches, jumping miles high in our Converse Fast Break Pro Leather sneakers.

46. Styloo – Pretty face

1983, romance in the synth house – clap your hands everybody and sing along (no matter what the lyrics are, it is just about fun :) !

47. Hivoh – To be together

A driving 1985 italo synth gem with typical lyrics, some HiNRG influences, a darker vibe and a saxophone hookline you won’t ever forget.

48. G.J. Lunghi – Acapulco nights

A secret italo hit for many of us, smooth synths, a great piano and a tender melody make this one a real treasure in the Gazebo-vein.

49. Tommy Bow – Dance tonight (& instrumental)

Some of the hardest italo synths and beats ever, especially the instrumental b-side rocks heavily, still today.

50. Bolero – I wish (& instrumental)

Melancholic italo as good as it can get…love the drum kit especially.

51. Angie – Clouds

Angie Care again, a lovely tune in the wonderful and successful Valerie Dore-style.

52. Ranko – Happy world

Unfortunately not yet on Youtube, this is one of my personal favorite italo disco tunes with great positive and childish lyrics. Check it out whereever whenever you can.


53. Fake – Right

The Swedish Italo groups second best track, New Wave meets Synth Pop meets Italo.

54. Mito – Droid

55. Digital Game – I’m your boogieman

56. P.L. – I don’t know what it is / Transeuropa-Express

57. Shamall – Caligula 2009

58. Steely Chuck McDonald – Dream (& instrumental)

59. Art de Rosa – Bel Air

60. Savage – Only you

61. Scoop – Say you go

62. Jody-J – Les Americains

63. Joy Michael – Dancin’

64. Sterling Saint Jacques – Comin into love

65. Bob Salton – Stark Night (& Instrumental)

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