Club Domani is, first and foremost, a party: based and born in Milan’s legendary Plastic Club, it introduced the city to a form of clubbing it hadn’t witnessed before, spanning futurism, androgyny and a journey through disco and house music.

The residents and production duo, Sergio Tavelli and Andrea Ratti, are two respected names in the city’s nightlife and the fashion world, playing for parties and events in Milan, Paris, London, NYC and more both before and after teaming up.
Their first release, ‘Dance for Money’, is an ode to the shameless fun and self-irony that are the foundations of their party: a no-nonsense House dancefloor pleaser, because having fun is a very serious affair.

The remix package effortlessly takes the track into different genres, from Jerry Bouthier’s very first remix under his own name to Uabos’ sprawling disco rework, from Alex Ormas’ darker house tones to Dim Zach’s summery vibes and Los Fugazzi’s acid disco bomb.