Following up on his “Surfaces” EP, San Diego producer Grim Avenue reunites with fellow musician, Aroarer, to bring you three new tracks of melancholic summer goodness in the Albatross EP. On the opening track, Aroarer’s voice drips with regret over dusty percussion, cavernous bells, and a deep tech bassline in a haze of spilt sangria and sleepless humid nights on the tail end of a summer romance.

“Wandering Albatross” is followed by the haunting vocals and acid-tinged micro-house vibe of “Dream Now”, and the breezey, shuffling “Islands” which is sure to loosen a bikini string or two. Backed up by a cadre of remixers from Emerald and Doreen’s talented stable incl. Central Rodeo, Owen Ni, Danny Kissane & Drew Miller and a club mix you can set your strobelight by, the Albatross EP has everything needed to be the cool shady spot on a hot summer day.