Statickman is back with his new „Chronovisor“ album! One of South America’s most prolific and prominent Synthwave / RetroWave / New Wave / Vapourwave superheroes – since 2013 globally known for his sci-fi-synth dystopia hit „The End of The Times“ – is back with a magical new album, full of 1980s inspired songs and laser-guided melodies from an alternate neon universe.

In times when the 80s-synth-nostalgia-infused „Stranger Things“-Netflix series is the talk of the town all over the place, Chilean producer José Luis Seguel Quezada enters the limelight with a strobe-lit 9-piece album full of shimmering synthwave heat haze, italo disco melodies and lo-fi C64-minimalism. A chronovisor is an ancient artefact which is said to empower people to see past and future events – and this is the right theme for this lovely ride.

Start with the retro-futuristic „Soul of Young“ to enter Statickman’s universe: massively energetic synth arpeggios, vocoder voices and space effects – 80s nostalgia as we love it when we drive down to Key West in our yellow DeTomaso Pantera….to reach Key West Space Port, enter our space ship to get on our journey to the center of the moon, „Viaje al Centro de la Luna“, another instant synthwave classic, before we can delve into a complete „Dub Joy“ at the end.

Support by Acid Washed (David Ducaruge), Alan DJ, Alvaro Cabana, Andi durrant edx chicane pvd, Cole Medina, Colin Spencer (Kane FM 103.7), Dany Furlong, Electronic Rumors, G-CLEF(Disco Doubles), Jerry Bouthier, Jonathan L’s Lopsided World of L Jonathan L, Julie Ann Smith, liz cirelli, lorenzo ciampa, Los Fugazzi, mix side, No Strings Attached / Steve, Norbert (Bert) Borzym (Lost Robots, Warsaw), Omar Krascon, raffaello bonaga, Simon Iddol, zisis d…

Some feedback:
Acid Washed (David Ducaruge),”2016-10-18 18:01:39″,”7 out of 10″,”Death Or Life is great”,”Statickman – Death or Life (Original Mix)”,Yes
alan dj,”2016-10-19 16:28:15″,”10 out of 10″,,”Statickman – Viaje Al Centro De La Luna (Original Mix)”,Yes
Alvaro Cabana,”2016-10-18 23:49:25″,”6 out of 10″,”Nice flavoured italo tracks. Thanks.”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Colin Spencer (Kane FM 103.7),”2016-10-19 09:17:23″,”8 out of 10″,”Hi and thank you: excellent throughout (musically, not listening edit wise!)”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Dany Furlong,”2016-10-22 16:51:15″,”10 out of 10″,STELLAR!,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Electronic Rumors,”2016-10-22 07:13:46″,”6 out of 10″,Nice!,”Statickman – Dub Joy (Original Mix)”,Yes
Frederic,”2016-10-19 14:35:04″,”9 out of 10″,,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
G-CLEF(Disco Doubles),”2016-10-18 17:12:40″,”9 out of 10″,”Super release, every track is great, no filler.”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Jerry Bouthier,”2016-10-19 09:20:24″,”5 out of 10″,”rain of April for me thx, eurodisco fever!”,”Statickman – Rain of April (Original Mix)”,Yes
Jonathan L\’s Lopsided World of L Jonathan L,”2016-10-19 08:11:43″,”7 out of 10″,”pretty cool. Kraftwerk-ish. Will try and get on show”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Julie Ann Smith,”2016-10-19 06:35:34″,”7 out of 10″,”Fantastic . Except the Voice not adding anything to the track”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
liz cirelli,”2016-10-20 10:13:48″,”6 out of 10″,”what a fun EP!”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
lorenzo ciampa,”2016-10-26 12:40:10″,”6 out of 10″,”thanks for the music”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Los Fugazzi,”2016-10-18 21:40:13″,”8 out of 10″,”Great tunes, love the 80′s feel! Dub joy for us!”,”Statickman – Dub Joy (Original Mix)”,Yes
mix side,”2016-10-18 19:11:33″,”10 out of 10″,”Great stuff !!!!! Thanks !!!!”,”Statickman – Viaje Al Centro De La Luna (Original Mix)”,Yes
No Strings Attached / Steve,”2016-10-19 21:26:29″,”8 out of 10″,”Classic 80′s”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Norbert (Bert) Borzym (Lost Robots, Warsaw),”2016-10-21 11:56:55″,”8 out of 10″,”Nice! Rain of April is my fave one here.”,”Statickman – Rain of April (Original Mix)”,Yes
Omar Krascon,”2016-10-21 00:47:10″,”9 out of 10″,”Statickman rules!!!!”,”Statickman – Death or Life (Original Mix)”,Yes
raffaello bonaga,”2016-10-23 23:01:10″,”7 out of 10″,”nice sounds, extra 80s moods, very nice work, not something that I would play out, but thanks for sending though”,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Rick,”2016-10-19 10:52:44″,”6 out of 10″,,”Statickman – Soul Young (Original Mix)”,Yes
Simon Iddol,”2016-10-22 22:32:20″,”9 out of 10″,”Statickman always delivers!”,”Statickman – Dub Joy (Original Mix)”,Yes
zisis d,”2016-10-19 09:14:39″,”7 out of 10″,”Dub joy my fav,thanks”,”Statickman – Dub Joy (Original Mix)”,Yes

There is a lot more to discover…enter the Statickman! Buy it on iTunes or Juno or Beatport.