A short while ago, Peter Zimmermann, Italo King of Hamburg, Germany, released his debut masterpiece and instant classic FROM GERMANY WITH LOVE on Emerald & Doreen. Going back to a time when friends were electric and robots systematic, the danceable audio drama warmed the hearts of humans and robots alike. Might it be about the obvious drawbacks of being in love with a robot or the synthesized tale of indigo island.
A magical place where electric flowers bloom and naked fairies ride on unicorns. To celebrate this amazing release a cast of insanely talented nu disco, synth loving, Italo-inspired producers & artists have teamed up to remix the greatest anthems of the album: James Rod, Nicolas Chenard, Aux tha Masterfader, Statickman, Disco Chillio, Dim Zach, Cebit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go: Peter Zimmermann Remixed takes you yet again on a neon-voyage through glittering space disco vibes, paddywhackin electro funk drum rolls and swashbuckling italo disco basslines.

FROM GERMANY WITH LOVE or simply put – Love. Space. Robots.