In the world today there are very few uninhabited areas which formerly had been inhabited by human beings. In Argentina there is one. The southeast of the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego, on the Atlantic coast has been uninhabited since the last century, when a people called the Haush “disappeared”. Hardly anyone goes there except crews or passengers of ships which occasionally anchor in its bays. The last commercial seal hunters abandoned the region years ago. The Haush were known for their Hain ceremonies, the indigenous landscape of their forbidding land was harsh and unforgiving and this the soundtrack.

Bernardo Barrera & Estuardo Flores are two guys from Guadalajara, México. Having released EPs on Wonder Stories (NYC) and Logical Records (Madrid), they teamed up with Emerald & Doreen for „ Hain“ – a fat bassline whirlwind tour through tribal nu disco, acid, dark disco, chug & techno sounds.