After the hiatus of about 1 year since the publishing of the single “No Reply”, go nogo release their first proper album “Main Course” on their home base label Emerald & Doreen. The whole recording process spun over 2 years during which Fred Scholl was looking for the right producer which he eventually found in Manfred Führling, formerly a Tech House enthusiast who brought a lot of analogue gear and great engineer skills to the table. Saying that, he surely had a huge impact on the way the record ended up sounding much more electronic and eventful. Nevertheless, the 8 songs would not shine in the go nogo catalogue as a distinct piece of work if it wasn’t for Eric Schemer’s Indie-flavored guitar bravura.

The groove department has advanced beyond the regular four-to-the-floor formula which is also at work in “And The Devil2” or “Breaking News”. But you can hear beats that have their roots in R’nB (“Caravan”), Electronica (“Not To be Missed”) and Breakbeat (“Room Too Small”) , all held together by the distinctive singing of Fred Scholl, which has recently been compared to the 80s legend Lloyd Cole by label compiler Jerry Bouthier. Lyrical themes deal with contemporary issues of digital angst and social media abuse (“None of Your Business”), the advertiser’s roles of creating needs (“Lost In Confusion”) or the challenge of staying authentic in a world of levelling (“Dare”). Interspersed experimental interludes rub against the formulaic idioms of songwriting.

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