Following the release of his debut EP, 120 BXL, Finskit collected his favourite producers for a remix EP. The international joint venture is simply titled 120 BXL REMIXES, and it features remixes by iamyank, Simon Iddol, Dim Zach, modul aka mango, Total Carlos and Sazabio.

Finskit – Amata (iamyank Remix)
the Hungarian underground breaks/glitch star delivered a surprising 4/4 remix, smooth organic take somewhere between Four Tet and BLANCAh

Finskit – Anything (Simon Iddol Deepcore Remix)
the world-renowned taste and troublemaker brings the hardcore beats back with some arpeggiated trance chords in his genre defining deepcore version

Finskit – Anything (Total Carlos remix)
eternal summer sunset mood, balearic deep house vibe

Finskit – Arina (Dim Zach Remix)
Greece’s very own edit maestro takes the original on an Art Of Noise fueled space disco journey

Finskit – Arina (Sazabio Remix)
deep slowburner by the Budapest based funklord and beatmaker

Finskit – Arina (modul aka mango Retro Mix)
the DJ and turntablist legend goes cinematic nu-disco, on his own special acid way. live bass alert!