A few times a year, house heads, yogis, burners, and creative types from all walks come together to celebrate music, sunshine, and the rest of life’s small pleasures at what have come to be known as the Helios Parties. It was at one such gathering tucked away in the hills of uptown San Diego that long-time partners-in-crime Aroarer and Grim Avenue met DJ and musician Jaadio, and a collaborative effort was hatched. “Drive On” is the product of that collaboration. With its mournful horns and Aroarer’s signature strong vocals, “Drive On” echoes the pair’s previous work, but with a freshness and attention to detail that is a step ahead of past efforts.

Additionally to the sedately bouncy “No One”, and the somber and meditative “Gilded Years.” the EP features some epic remixers by ANIMAM, Gabriel & Tunnelvision.